HOA Estoppels Fee Information and Instructions (Please Read Carefully):
The Rosetta Villas Homeowner Association's Estoppels fee is $250.00 plus any applicable legal fees charged by the Association's attorney.  Estoppel fees must be paid in advance. Upon receipt of your request and payment, the HOA will process the estoppel within 10 business days.  C
lick on the Pay Now button below to pay the estoppel fee by credit card or paypal.  Note: You do not have to have a PayPal Account to pay by credit card; simply bypass Paypal, by clicking on the "Continue" on the lower left side of the ext page.  If paying online, please email us yourcomments@rosepointe.org (attention: Rebekah Dulberg, CAM) so we can know to expect your payment. Your estoppels request should also be emailed (to yourcomments@rosepointe.org) along with the seller's name/s buyers name/s, and the expected closing date. 

Your request should include: the property address, parcel number, name/address of the party requesting the information, Seller name/s, Buyer names and the closing date.  Please include the phone number of contact person requesting information.  If the information is requested in conjunction with a closing, please include the closing date. 

When putting in your request by either email or mail, it is strongly advised that you contact our Administrative CAM Rebekah Dulberg by phone 407-831-5387 to let us know to expect your request or if you have any further questions.