HOA Estoppels:
The Rosetta Villas Homeowner Association's Estoppels fee is $150.00 plus any applicable legal fees charged by the Association's attorney.  Upon receipt of your request and payment, the HOA will process the estoppel within 14 days.  C
lick on the Pay Now button below to pay the standard estoppel fee by credit card or paypal.  Note: You do not have to have a PayPal Account to pay by credit card; simply bypass Paypal, by clicking on the "Continue" on the lower left side of the next page.   

If paying online, your request can be emailed to yourcomments@rosepointe.org.  Otherwise, all request and fees should be mailed to the Rosetta Villas HOA at PO Box 941173, Maitland, FL 32794.  Your request should include: the property address, parcel number, name/address of the party requesting the information, Seller name/s, Buyer names and the closing date.  Please include the phone number of contact person requesting information.  If the information is requested in conjunction with a closing, please include the closing date. 
When putting in your request by email or mail, it is strongly advised that you contact us by phone 407-263-6414 to let us know to expect your request.